Behind the Welding Helmets


Jackie Nipper

As an Arizona native, I have been fortunate to be surrounded by a strong, loving and supportive family of accomplished artists. My father, Gary Johnson, was an award winning metal artist, my mentor, and my inspiration. My grandparents and uncles are also accomplished artists in a variety of mediums. My love for nature is a direct result of my fathers doing. He introduced me to the wilderness at an early age; teaching me to not only to recognize the beauty in it but to also know the scientific names of the trees, bushes, lizards or bugs. I thank my father for teaching me how to fish, camp, change a tire but most importantly- how to weld. My first welding lesson came about by him refusing to make me a metal flower. At the time, he had no interest in making flowers. He said I would have to get out there and make them myself.  So, I did and fell in love with it. I love creating beauty with my hands and working with metal. At that time, my focus was raising two young boys, so welding was just a fun activity with my dad every now and then but a spark was lit and a dream was discovered.

Charles Nipper

A Arizona native as well, I too grew up with a supportive family of talented tradesmen. My father was my idol, my rock, my mentor, and my inspiration. At a young age, through my father, I learned the art of lighting. I learned I could create dynamic visual effects that everyone loved through electricity. This talent lead me to different areas throughout the construction world where I began to envision ordinary things transforming into magnificent art sculptures. My father-in-law taught me how to turn my visions into creations. He has enabled me to create beautiful art pieces using scrap metal, wiring, bolts, nuts and stone. I love the transformation of repurposed material into something special. This is what drives my passion every day.

jNc-Jackie and Charles Nipper, fast forward 15 years...

We are celebrating 20+ years of marriage and have raised two boys into becoming wonderful young men. Through countless prayers and soul searching, we have taken a leap of faith to pursue our dream. Our creations are inspired by nature and faith; two things that are very important in our life. We use steel and stone as the medium to express unique character and fun in each art piece. We both contribute on each art piece by collaborating and sharing the creative process, along with my father in spirit (our maestro and mentor).

We would like to thank God, our family and our friends for all the support and encouragement on our new adventure. We are truly blessed and grateful for you all.

With God, all things are possible, Matthew 19:26